Music Director

I see the world as a pulsing electron, a source of knowledge in practice. If fed with new prospects, intuitions, doubts, constructive criticisms, humour and love,it becomes bigger and bigger, dictating the new horizons and allowing us to depart for new seas.”

With my music I am looking to reach out to like-minded people who feel the urgency of moving onto a different level of connection between consciousness, society, nature, and history. The aim is to empower you to have the courage to accept that everything can be constructed in a better way.

If you’ve been there with me in 1975,you would have seen me, a hyperactive 3 year old boy with bushy hair who’s got so much energy he couldn’t stay longer than 3 minutes in one place. In the clinic of the small Italian town the family doctor advice my parents to feed my curiosities instead of suppressing them, so I was inducted to music.I listened intently tothe Rolling Stones, the Beatles, blues, etc on record and soon my dad took me to a live concert. Little did I know that it is to be the day of my primordial epiphany. My eyes welled up with tears as the revelation comes to me that we are all part of the pulsing electron, interconnected in one. The music is the heartbeat, I am at home, inside a womb, connected with everything around and inside me. Everything is in a loop, a circular feedback.

I contribute to Manga Big Bang! by musicalizing manga.Manga is an art craft from drawing a simple line starting from a single dot just as music is a combination of different elements that creates a story, describing feelings, and visions.When I look at manga I perceive music standing out from the lines on paper, images comes to me of a new blank page being violated like the moment the first human being started history.