This is a post made in May 2018, more than a decade since the manga style comic book in the picture was first published in a magazine in 2006. The reader found it at a local book bazaar and looked for its author, Dr. Vee on facebook. It turns out that the reader didn’t manage to buy a copy at the time, but had read it at a magazine and book rental. Here’s the translation from the reader’s reply below:

“Actually, I’m not a new reader, hehe…

In 2008 I read this comics, Prambanana at comics and magazine rental in my hometown, Solo. In that year there were still a lot of book rentals though some fell out of business.

Apologies, at the time I wasn’t able to collect this book because I had no job and had other economical reasons (I am in a much better place now).

Maybe in around 2010, I look for this book in every book shop in my town, but alas there was none left, I tried to look for the second hand but they were always sold out. I didn’t think of finding them online at the time. In my opinion this comic book is the manifestation of Loro (*Loro Jonggrang is a mythical princess from a Javanese folk tale, which the comic Prambanana has derived inspiration from), running away from her admirer, but when he relaxes she was drawn to him. This afternoon I found this book amongst a pile of Japanese manga comic books. There was only one copy of this, I bought it immediately, and looked for others.

Yes, I found “my other lover” from my young days. Please forgive me for my poor finances at the time, though I am no longer young, I am glad to be able to get in touch with you with the remaining time.”

Thank you Prambanana.

Thank you Dr. Vee.”

Needless to say the author, Dr. Vee expressed how moved she is by his words. Another reader responded to the post and the chat went on about the contents that was in the same magazine at the time.

This is Dr. Vee‘s response:

” I am deeply touched by this reader’s action and words. I’ve met quite a few of my readers at comic events when I get invited to talks and knew that a lot of them remember Prambanana in detail because they had been at a young and impressionable age at the time, but I didn’t expect that the book is still in demand as there are so many comic books in Indonesian market these days with far superior art quality. This is the proof that when a message is written authentically it traverses time and continue to move its readers. Prambanana is a story about growing up, where the silly teenage protagonist learned to appreciate other people in the journey and though she didn’t have a complete transformation, it is ok because she had learned a lesson.”

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