What You Will Learn

What sets this course apart from the others is the hands-on approach and interactive live class with the mentor Dr.Vee, an award winning manga comics creator and Editor in Chief of Manga Big Bang! comics magazine, as we understand that there are limits to what you can learn passively from video tutorials. Also, as students come with varying skill levels, we first assess where you are at, identify your goals and aspirations so we can customise the classes according to your needs and help you achieve your objectives.


Junior: ages 11-14
Adults: ages 15 and above

New members are strongly advised to start from level 1 regardless of experience. Underage pupil who wish to join adults class will be asked to submit signed parental consent letter and provide copies of the most recent and best works for assessment. Once you have enrolled in our class, you will receive a lifetime of membership in Dr.Vee Mangaka Club.

The syllabus is exactly the same for regular and intensive class.

Starting Date and Duration

New classes are started about once every 2 months. Starting date and time will be confirmed shortly after the end of registration period, while we try our best to accommodate every participant’s schedule.

There will be no rescheduling if you failed to turn up on time, but we will try to be as flexible as possible if given notification in advance. In some cases, participants can join different batch of the same level to make up for the lost sessions. We want to help you get the best out of our courses.

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Adults Class

There are 7 levels in total, in which there are total of 10 x 90 minutes sessions in each level, or 15 hours per level.

One of our students in our online class

Junior Class

There are 5 levels in total, in which there are total of 10 x 90 minutes sessions in each level, or 15 hours per level.

£300/Level – Each Level consists of 10 lessons delivered as a weekly online class.

Level 1: Character and Basic Story Pattern

We are going to go through all the basics of manga creation in this level, including how to use the professional tools. By the end of this level, you will be able to create your original 4 panels manga in publishable format.



Level 2: Special Effects

You will be learning manual and digital techniques to create the special effects that makes manga illustrations dynamic. By the end of this level, you will be able to apply these effects to your own drawing, create a manga cover page, and write an original story plot.

Level 3: Paneling, Plants and Animals

You will discover how to create manga story board or name, how to draw plants and animals and turning them into characters.



Level 4: Background and Inanimate Objects

You will be learning about perspective and how to apply it in manga background, and draw inanimate objects or props.



Level 5: Original Manga 1

We will guide you through the process of creating an 8 pages original manga manuscript starting from the plot.

Level 6: Mechanical Objects and Textures

You will be exploring advanced techniques in creating texture and drawing complicated mechanical objects.

Level 7: Original Manga 2

We will guide you through the process of creating an original manga manuscript from the plot for the purpose of pitching for professional debut. We will be counselling and coaching you to chose the professional path most suitable for you.


The comics school Dr.Vee Mangaka Club have been serving aspiring professionals and enthusiasts since 2012, with students as young as 5, as well as teens and adults from more than 10 countries across the globe with different professional backgrounds.

Before I joined this course, I didn't have any idea about what is a good manga but now I had been nominated for Silent Manga Audition 2017 award and work as a professional comics illustrator. What makes this course great is Dr. Vee's personal guidance in asking us the students what we want to do in the future and giving us some sort of way to achieve it. I would highly recommend this course for those who aspire to become a manga comics creator.
Ganesha Jordan, ID
Ganesha Jordan, ID
Award Nominee for Silence Manga Audition 2017
In this course, I learned many skills for drawing manga including the heads measuring system, perspective, manga effects and how to use screentone. The learning environment is comfortable, the lessons are fun and easy to understand, I would highly recommend this course for anyone who aspires to become a Manga Artist.
Amethyst Minnie, AU
Amethyst Minnie, AU
Art Student & Comics Editor
The highlight of my experience learning manga at DMC is not only did I learn the basics but Dr. Vee went out of her way to facilitate me in getting the lessons despite of the time zone difference that didn't match the other students. That was really kind.
Mareike Täubner, DE
Mareike Täubner, DE
Programmer & Game Creator