Say it with Manga

Say it With Manga!™ is a platform for you to create entertaining, original and imaginative customer experiences in your business from only £0.95 per magazine!!

How Does It Work?

We talk to you about your objective or purpose (e.g. event, conference, networking with prospects) and identify with you the key theme that you want to communicate. We then co-create your book, using our story, and your intro and commentary, to make a stand out product that your delegates/customers/prospects will love and will be talking about to other people!


How Will It Help You?

It creates interest and positions you as an authority in your field.  It positions you / your company as someone different and unique. It creates the WOW factor and increases customer loyalty. You can use these books to:

  • Create a funnel to promote your products or services
  • Use as giveaway at events
  • Substitute for boring business cards to make maximum impact


Comic books are great for these purposes because:

  • People tend to keep comic books and not throw them away for a long time, often for years.
  • They are light and easy to read as opposed to books and magazines given away at conferences.
  • They are visual and most people are visual.
  • They give the impression of being creative and entertaining.

So How Do We Make This Happen For You?

When you’ve placed an order with us, we will first arrange a call with you to find out what your area of expertise is and what topic you’d like to deliver.

It is best for you to have in mind 3 tips you might have in regard to your topic, 3 points you would like to get across.

Based on that, we will suggest several comics that might fit your purpose. Once we reach an agreement, we will send you some templated pages to fill in. The average time it takes to fill these pages is 2 hours.

Once we’ve received the completed template, we will review it again to make sure that the number of pages are correct and we have the right comic to deliver the message.

We will make any relevant suggestions to ensure that you will have the best quality book to meet your objectives. Once the contents are approved by you, the books can be delivered within 7 working days to most UK mainland addresses.